We Might Be Crazy

Well y’all, it’s a few hours to departure and I showered but didn’t put on pants- I’m gonna call this a draw. For those of you that want to see where we’re going, and how crazy we might just be for trying to see all this in 3 months… here’s our agenda! 😊


• Cruise from Orlando (departs April 1st, 5pm

o April 4th-@ port: Bermuda 8am-6pm

o April 10th- @ port: Funchal, Madeira Portugal 8am-6pm

o April 12th- 8am Disembark – Malaga, Spain

• Bus to: Granada  April 12th

• Bus to: Madrid (4 hrs) April 15th AM** Mónica arrives in Madrid April 15th

• Train to: Barcelona April 18th

• Train to: Cinque terre April 21st

• Train to: Florence (stop in Pisa to see tower) April 25th AM

• Train to: Rome (1.5 hrs) April 29th AM
• Train to: Sorrento/Amalfi coast

• Train to: Rome (1.5 hrs) May 4th AM

• Fly to: Santorini May 6th

• Boat to: Naxos May 9th (2 hours ferry)

• Boat to: Athens May 12th (5 hours)
• Fly to: Budapest May 15th

• Train to: Salzburg (5 hrs) May 19th AM

• Train to Venice (6 hrs) May 21st

• Train to Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland May 23rd AM

• Train to Lucerne, Switzerland May 24th
▪ Suggestions: Lion or Bellpark: $35 per night hostel

• Train to: Munich (6 hrs) May 26th

• Train to: Prague (6 hrs) May 30th
• Train to: Hanover (7hrs) June 2nd

• Berlin trip: (June 4th)

• Hanover (June 5th)

• Train to: Amsterdam- (4.5 hours each way)

• Back to: Hanover (3 nights) (June 9th-11th)
o Maybe go to Frankfurt for last day/night- (July 11th)

▪ Then to Mainz (June 12th)

• Train to: Mainz (3 hrs) June 12th

o River boat tour from Mainz to Cologne (all day, 9am-8pm) (June 12th)

• Cologne

• Train to: from Cologne to Brugge (3-4 hrs) June 13th

• Train to: Reims, France (French Countryside)

• Train to: Paris- June 17th

• Train to: London – June 22nd

• Fly to: Dublin-June 26

• Rent car: Cork

• Car Killarney- June 29th

• Car Dingle -June 30th

• Car Doolin- July 1st

• Car Dublin- July 2nd

• Fly Dublin to Reykjavik – July 3rd

o 3 nights – July 3rd-July 6th

o July 5th: Tour bus: Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

• Fly to: Seattle- July 6th


I'm a 30 year old American female that's decided to quit my big-kid job and go travel the world. I believe in being kind to everyone and I believe in laughing, a lot. Everything else is secondary.


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