A Poem for Bulgaria

A poem: Dedicated to Bulgariaimg_4370
By Anna and Tash

I don’t know how to say,
All the things I hate.
But let’s go ahead and start,
With the bus that was late.

We arrived in this country,
With hope and intrigue.
But the difficulty getting a fair taxi,
Was hard to believe.

Offering us quadruple,
To go a 5 minute ride.
Their rudeness and greed,
Was very hard to hide.

A trip out to Plovdiv,
Had us excited for all the medieval sites.
But hours of walking and looking,
The scenery was quite trite.

We stopped for food to lift our spirits,
And feed our hungry souls.
We got a salty salad instead,
And the day took its toll.

We returned to the bus station,
To give up after this wreck.
But the worker was uninterested,
And we were off to find our trek.

With no signs and no english,
Not one person that would care.
We sat on the bench and cried,
Wishing we could teleport anywhere.

So we tried again.
To give it a chance we stayed another two days.
And time after time,
The people were just terrible and awful and rude and short and disinterested and terribly terribly rude and we can’t wait to leave this country and never ever ever come back.

I’ve never written such a scathing piece on a place, because I have always tried to find the good and lovely everywhere I go. I spent five entire days here and do not have anything nice to say about this place, other than I found a Starbucks and they do brake for pedestrian crossings.

I truly believe I was almost trafficked in Shkoder, Albania and I would return there ten times before ever ever coming back to this country.

I travel blog to let others know about my experiences and hopefully so they can find something that sparks their soul and encourage them to explore this big, beautiful world. In my opinion, Bulgaria is not that. I’m not sure I would wish a visit here to my worst enemy.

Their people seem to have a ways to go to work towards the tourism industry and kindness in general. There is a reason it’s not a hugely touristic location and I don’t anticipate it will improve until their people do.

Bulgaria, #1 worst place I’ve been in 25 countries.

✌🏼 Out, Bulgaria. Won’t miss ya!

I'm a 30 year old American female that's decided to quit my big-kid job and go travel the world. I believe in being kind to everyone and I believe in laughing, a lot. Everything else is secondary.


  1. I knew a lot of ppl who fled Bulgaria in the 70s. Now I know why. Ppl whose family, property & businesses had been there for 500 yrs had lost everything bec the govt seized it all. No wonder they were leaving in droves. I guess the ones who stayed are still pissed.

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